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  • Thursday, 9 June 2011 [What is Presidency?]

    What is Presidency?

    A Presiding in the Council of the European Union (called Presidency) means governing of the particular Member State in the Council of the European Union, composed of representatives of particular, national ministries. The Council is a major decision-making body of the Union. The Council, besides the European Parliament and the European Commission, takes part in legislation process. The Council dos not have constant composition, since the ministers from Member States take part in its gatherings in different configurations. For instance if judicial co-operation issues must be discussed, the national Ministers of Justice from all Member States convene and make appropriate arrangements. Any decisions taken by the Council of the European Union are reached after negotiations and work-out of compromise solutions, between all national representatives. read more: What is Presidency?

  • Friday, 9 October 2009 [The Prosecution in Poland]

    The Prosecution in Poland

    Last year for the Polish Prosecution was a breakthrough. Statute of 9 October 2009 amending the Prosecution Act and some other statutes (Journal of Laws  nr 178, position 1375), introduced from 31 march 2010, fundamental changes in the functional model of the Public Prosecution Service in Poland. The most important change was separation of function the Prosecutor General from the Ministry of Justice. read more: The Prosecution in Poland

Andrzej Seremet

Prokurator Generalny

Andrzej Seremet

Pierwszy Zastępca Prokuratora Generalnego

Marek Jamrogowicz

Zastępcy Prokuratora Generalnego

  • Marzena Kowalska
  • Robert Hernand
  • płk. Jerzy Artymiak
  • Dariusz Gabrel

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